Great Fall Drives

Great Fall Drive Challenge

Calling all fans of Fall in Ontario! With the leaves changing and the temperatures cooling off we’re celebrating an Ontario tradition: The Great Fall Drive. Over the next three weeks we’ll be inviting you to participate in three challenges to show off your knowledge of Ontario and enter to win great prizes. Join the journey and test your skills on our Great Fall Drive Challenge!

To take part all you need to do is follow the #GreatFallDrive hashtag on Twitter or keep an eye on our Facebook page. That’s where we’ll be announcing the details of each challenge. You can take part in as many of the challenges as you want and we’ll be giving away great prizes to the winner of each individual challenge.

Great Fall Drive: Challenge 1 (Twitter)
Prize:Life Experiences $50 Gift Card

Great Fall Drive: Challenge 2 (Twitter)
Prize: Life Experiences $ 50 Gift Card

Great Fall Drive: Challenge 3 (Facebook)
Prize: Life Experiences $100 Gift Card

Good luck and watch next Monday as we reveal the Great Fall Drive: Challenge 1! For more information if you have any questions please get in touch at share@ontario.ca.

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