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Outstanding Ontario Hikes – Frontenac Provincial Park

Push the canoe off the shore and start your adventure in one of Ontario’s most accessible provincial parks. Situated on the southern arm of the Canadian Shield, just a 40 minute drive north of Kingston, Ontario Frontenac Provincial Park features not only stunning lakes, ponds and trails, but also some surprises along the way.

Even though the park is a short drive away from a bustling Ontario city, you’ll often feel like you have the entire park to yourself. Venture out early in the morning by canoe or kayak to experience a perfect moment of reflection like this one on Big Salmon Lake.

Early Morning Paddle

Photo by velsheda

A canoe trip around any of the numerous lakes within the park boundaries is a chance to experience some classic Canadian Shield geography, with rocky outcroppings and sheer cliffs left behind by glaciers.


Photo by thishumanlife

Not only is Frontenac Park rich in geological history, it also bears the traces of human history. Once a hotspot for mica mining you’ll come across mining pits, and even see the site of a central mining operation itself at Tett’s Mine.


Photo by neurotek

Often imagined what it would like to live in the Ontario wilderness? In Frontenac Park you can see evidence that people did just that in the not-so-distant past. A hike by Black Lake is the perfect chance to discover your inner archeologist, as you explore the remains of a small community that once consisted of a school house and even a blacksmiths. Today just the foundations remain. Another remnant of the park’s prior inhabitants is this trapper’s shanty used by hunters and trappers as a shelter. With a number of beaver ponds near by, it isn’t hard to see why they chose to set up here.

Photo by Brent Workman

Moulton Gorge, the Arkon Lake Bog and the Crab Lake mines are just a few of the other highlights to check out while at Frontenac Provincial Park.

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Wondering where to start? These local service providers will help you plan your Ontario hike.

Frontenac Outfitters: http://www.frontenac-outfitters.com/
Friends of Frontenac Park: http://www.frontenacpark.ca/pages/Friends_schedule.html

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