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Best Ontario Hot Chocolate – As chosen by you!

We asked you for insider tips on where you can find the best hot cocoa in Ontario. Here are some of your picks for a uniquely Ontario hot chocolate:

1. Soma Chocolatemaker – Distillery District, Ontario
Submitted by @SherryRozen and Jennifer E.

It was the rich and delicious Mayan Hot Chocolate that most of you were buzzing about on Facebook and Twitter. Soma is the place you can be sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, not only with their legendary hot chocolate but with their handmade chocolates and delicious coffees.

Dedicated to Monctezuma

Flickr photo by Jessicaology

2. Bobette Belle – Toronto, Ontario
Submitted by @ChrisBozek

This hidden gem in Toronto’s Leslieville Neighborhood has been generating buzz for it’s sweet treats and tasty hot chocolate. Recently featured on the Marylin Dennis Show, owners Allyson Bobbitt and Sarah Bell have created a welcoming and must visit bakery!

Bobbette & Belle

Flickr photo by B-Real

3. Sipps Coffee and Dessert Bar – Kingston, Ontario
Submitted by Christine G.

Location, location, location! Directly across the street from Kingston’s Market Square – a gorgeous skating rink in the winter – Sipps is the perfect place to warm up with a cup of hot cocoa after some ice time. Christine also recommended Sipp’s tasty collection of desert treats!

2010-06-06 Kingston, Ontario

Flickr photo by mtnbiker

4. Rural Ontario
Submitted by Preston C.

One of our favourite submissions came from Preston C. of the blog Portageur.ca. He shared a story of enjoying hot chocolate with his grandfather in a small restaurant in rural Ontario. Sometimes its not where you get the hot cocoa but who you share it with!

5. Cafe 1842 – Waterloo, Ontario
Submitted by Greg R.

The hot chocolate is just one of the treats to enjoy here. With a full menu of tasty meals and the Lion Brewery housed in the same historic building, this is the perfect place to warm up in the winter.

Huether Hotel , Lion Brewery , Waterloo

Flickr photo by drnikos

6. Mitzi’s Cafe – Toronto, Ontario
Submitted by Angela F.

Mitzi’s cafe is part neighbourhood cafe, part exhibition space for local artists. Its quirky exterior is extra welcoming and the perfect place to defrost on a winter’s day. Angela suggests giving the Mint Hot Chocolate a try!

Mitzi's Cafe

Flickr photo by guerson

Of course it wouldn’t be an Ontario hot chocolate list without Angela F’s suggestion of Timmy’s! Ellen D. let us know she creates some delicious hot chocolate at home, and Mark M. recommend a sure bet for hot cocoa: Grandma’s house! Thanks to everyone who contributed to our list and cheers to making more great Winter memories this year!

Do you have a favourite place in Ontario to enjoy hot chocolate? Add it to our list!

2 replies on “Best Ontario Hot Chocolate – As chosen by you!”

Palms… The Coffee Shop, Almonte, Ontario

I absolutely love the hot chocolate they serve there. It is not too sweet, but sweet enough… nice and rich… you can sprinkle chocolate or cinnamon on it (I like cinnamon, which is weird as I am usually all about chocolate)… If I am drinking it there, I often get it topped with real whipped cream. Also, the folks behind the counter are always welcoming and friendly, as are most of the patrons I’ve met there.

Do I like it the best because I work just across the road… or do I work across the road because I like it best… you can think what you like!

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