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Hidden Gem – Hockey Hall of Fame, Ontario

This week’s Hidden Gem is an Ontario must see – the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Ontario!

Pay homage to hockey greats, past and present, at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Start out by taking shots at real-time goalies; show off your goalie skills by stopping the shots of Gretzky and Messier, then channel your inner sports broadcaster by calling the play-by-play of some of hockey’s greatest goals. The take a breather in the Canadien’s dressing room – a replica of the original so thorough you’d swear you stepped into the Montreal forum.


Flickr photo by slightlynorth

Of course, the main attraction for any hockey fan is the chance to get up close and personal with the Stanley Cup!

There are other surprises to discover at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Take a moment to admire the gorgeous stained glass ceiling on the upper level of the building and the impressive exterior.

Hockey Hall of Fame

Flickr photo by aquatic

Hockey Hall Of Fame

Flickr photo by jj8rock

Want to prove your love of hockey? The Hockey Hall of Fame wants you to name their new mascot! Any ideas?

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