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Dogsledding: One more reason to LOVE winter in Ontario!

Guest Blogger, Tanya McCready: Since 1999, Tanya McCready and her husband Hank have shared their passion for dogsledding. Their race team also competes in the Yukon Quest 1000-mile International Sled Dog Race & Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The couple, their four children and 150 Siberian Huskies love introducing worldwide guests to the amazing adventure of dogsledding and the beautiful Canadian wilderness. Find out more about Tanya at Winterdance Dogsled Tours.

Dogsledding is one of Ontario’s best kept winter secrets. Most folks we meet think they have to travel to the Yukon or Alaska to experience one of the worlds most amazing adventures, but only 2-4 hours from most of Ontario’s major urban centres there is a place where folks can hop on the runners and learn first hand how to drive a team of huskies!

So what is the fuss about, why would you want to try dogsledding?

  • Playing & working with 3-8 of man’s best friend, huskies are one of the most incredible beings on the planet for their physical ability, exuberant, loving attitude and sheer thirst for adventure.
  • Exploring some of the most beautiful, rugged, untouched wilderness areas in Ontario.
  • Moving silently through a winter wilderness with your dog team
  • The opportunity for quality uninterupted memories with your loved ones or friends

Some folks when they call to book a reservation will ask if the sport is fair for the dogs. We have 2 simple answers: 1) Come watch the dogs get ready to run, if after that you have ANY doubt that they don’t LOVE what they do, we will happily give you your money back. After 12 years and thousands of guests not one person has ever asked for their money back.  2) You can’t push a rope, the dogs are only connected to the sled by a rope there is no physical tool to make them pull that sled, they do it by sheer desire, otherwise the sled & dogs would simply not move.

Huskies run because they live to run, just like labs jump in water, and shepherds guard and collies herd, it is what these dogs are born to do and nothing makes them happier.

As an example I would like to introduce “Scrappy”, one of our 7 year old Siberian Huskies who was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago. Scrappy has a zest and love for life, people and adventures unlike anyone else in our kennel, when it is time for his days off, he sulks that he isn’t out running the trails and meeting new folks.

Winterdance Dogsled Tours invites to you come experience dogsledding this winter, the only warning? It can be VERY addicting!!

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