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Huskies – Not just another pretty face

Guest Blogger, Tanya McCready: Since 1999, Tanya McCready and her husband Hank have shared their passion for dogsledding. Their race team also competes in the Yukon Quest 1000-mile International Sled Dog Race & Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. The couple, their four children and 150 Siberian Huskies love introducing worldwide guests to the amazing adventure of dogsledding and the beautiful Canadian wilderness. Find out more about Tanya at Winterdance Dogsled Tours

Some of you may be asking “what makes dogsledding so popular?”  The answer is simple and it has nothing to do with the landscape, the trails, the guides, the sleds you drive or the temperature .  The magic of dogsledding comes down to one thing and that is the DOGS!!!!  While there are several different breeds of huskies that you will find pulling sleds on your tour, the large Malamute husky, the smaller Siberian Husky and most common today the mixed breed called the Alaskan Husky, they all have the same amazing desire to run and explore.  To see what great adventure awaits around the next bend in the trail.  The heart, spirit & passion of the husky is truly astounding, there is no greater athlete on the planet!

For anyone who is a dog lover how can you not be won over by a team of 3-8 huskies begging for your attention? Just waiting to lean in for a pat & hug or to give you a kiss, almost all huskies are big loveable teddy bears who adore attention!

Before you try your hand at dogsledding there are some Hollywood myths that should be dispelled:

  1. “Mush”, as neat as it sounds to say, you only hear this in movies.  If you dogsled you are a musher, but usually the command to start a team is “hike” or a special word or whistle that mushers use.
  2. You won’t go “flying” down the trail, most tours and huskies after the initial excitement of the start of the run settle down to a gentle trot that they can maintain all day.
  3. The term to stop a team of dogs is “whoa”, however on its own with most dogteams you can holler whoa on the back of the sled all day and the dogs will grin at you as they keep going.  Huskies love going, not stopping so you will need the brake on your sled in addition to your voice to get them to stop!

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