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Now & Then Hidden Gem – Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe

With over 400,000 lakes, streams and rivers, Ontario offers the angler some of the best fishing out there. But the fun doesn’t stop when the lakes freeze over. For years Lake Simcoe’s surface has transformed into a bustling community of ice fishing enthusiasts throughout the winter months. Known as the ice fishing capital of Canada, Lake Simcoe is a bustle of activity in winter with seasonal ice fishing villages dotted across the lake, full with anglers from near and far.

Lake Simcoe sunrise 2

Flickr photo by Downtown Dan

The highlight of the season is the Great Canadian Ice Fishing Championship. Each year teams compete for the grand prize of $7, 500 – and bragging rights! Of course part of the ice fishing tradition is showing off your catch! Want to share your great catch of 2012? Add it to our gallery!

Ice fishing is just the start of the fun in the Lake Simcoe region. Winter is also the perfect time to check out the world class snow facilities for excitement seekers, with downhill and cross country skiing at Blue Mountain, Snow Valley, Mount St. Louis and many more.

Have an ice fishing story past or present to share? Let’s hear it!

Ontario Tourism supports catch and release fishing.

3 replies on “Now & Then Hidden Gem – Ice Fishing on Lake Simcoe”

Ice fishing championship is coming! One problem though is that temperatures are too warm this year, so half the season ice fishing was not safe. But from our window on Cook’s Bay we can see lots of people fishing out there 🙂

.. Sunset is gorgeous indeed!

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