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Ontario’s Best French Fries – As Chosen by You!

Last week celebrated one of our favourite Ontario treats: French Fries! Inspired by these tasty Black Bean & Lime fries from Boomers Gourmet Fries in Stratford, Ontario (endorsed by Sue P!)  we asked you to answer this question “The best french fries in Ontario are from ….”  Turns out the best fries can be found across the province, from chip trucks, to high-end restaurants, to your own kitchen table. Here are a few of your favourites:

Sturgeon Falls, Ontario
Submitted by Claire H. and Marc C.
Sturgeon Falls popped up twice on our Facebook poll. It’s a one-stop-shop for two great chip stands located across the road from one another.


Photo by kden604

Godrich Harbour Restaurant – Godrich, Ontario
Submitted by Linda H.
“…their fresh-cut fries are wonderful. Served with fresh Lake Huron fish. My most favoritest place!”

Poutine Truck – Ottawa, Ontario
Submitted by Tara H.
A trip to Ottawa means the chance to sample the simple goodness of the many chip trucks throughout the city that make great food fast.

Scotty’s Chip Truck, Bluewater Bridge – Port Edward, Ontario
Submitted by Christine F.
According to locals, no trip to Sarnia is complete without a visit to the “trucks under the bridge” at Point Edward.

Chip truck

Photo by loozerboy

Copper Penny – Kingston, Ontario
Submitted by Lyn G.
For years Kingstonians have debated the secret behind the simple yet savoury fries at the Copper Penny. We think it’s all in the tasty seasoning!

Rocky’s – Guelph, Ontario
Submitted by Beth M.
Sixty years strong and counting, this timeless Ontario dinner is the perfect place for classic french fries.

Photo by denim

St. Veronus Cafe and Tap Room – Peterborough, Ontario
Submitted by Heron Driftwood
Handcut and twice fried these frites come with lemon herbed mayo, and molasses Grimbergen ketchup. Sounds like a treat for the taste buds!

Hungry? Here’s where to find these tasty fries! (Click on the map to get a closer look)

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the best fries in ontario are served right at the corner of johnson and division at stooleys cafe in kingston they really are unbelievable ,didnt want these fries to not get the recognition they deserve

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