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Now & Then Hidden Gem – Aubrey Falls, Ontario

Aubrey Falls is one of Ontario’s hidden gems for a reason. Located a 1.5 hour drive off the Highway 17 corridor, this spectacular waterfall is tucked away in Ontario’s forested north. The waterfall is about 53 meters high, and is composed of 7-10 different sections, each an impressive waterfall in its own right.

A trip to Aubrey Falls is a glimpse into Ontario’s rugged past. Part of Ontario Parks, this region features early Precambrian bedrock which has been dramatically transformed through glaciation. An outwash plain and “mega ripples” are the result of a former glacial meltwater spillway (Ontario Parks).

This natural gem is just as popular with photographers and picnickers now as it was back in 1959 when our hidden gem taken. Here’s a couple of our favourite shots of the falls:

A Dangerous Rush
Photo by haroldstiver

Photo by susiemcgragh

Photo by onedge

Do you have a favourite Ontario waterfall? Tell us about it!

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Not a problem. As for other favourite falls… Jones’ Falls in Owen Sound and Sand River Falls in Lake Superior Prov Park are some pretty amazing ones too!

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