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Now & Then Hidden Gem – Toronto Island, Ontario

While the skyline has changed over the years, the peaceful atmosphere of Centre Island, Ontario remains timeless. Part of the Toronto Islands, Centre Island was home to many of Toronto’s wealthiest families in the late 1800’s. In 1888 Island Park was established on land previously occupied by the Mead Hotel, and has continued to offer a postcard perfect view of downtown Toronto ever since.

A wander across Centre Island today takes you through a pleasant blend of past and present. The Manitou Road bridge (1912) and the Olympic Island bridge (1914) are beautifully preserved pieces of the island’s history.

Main Street from Lagoon Bridge, Centre Island, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1910)

Photo by The Toronto Public Library

Have a seat!

Photo by bensonkua

A day at Centre Island isn’t complete without a trip to Centreville, the bustling amusement park at the heart of the island. Kids of all ages will love the vintage carousel and the chance to try out one of the park’s antique cars. You can follow your Centreville adventure with a stroll to the south side of the island where you can relax and recharge on the sandy beach.


Photo by fikretonal

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Photo of bridge on centre island, looks like you call it Main Street in fact I lived there for several years and it was called Manitou Rd. could be that it was changed to manitou from main

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