Now & Then Hidden Gem: Collingwood, Ontario

Now & Then Hidden Gem: Collingwood

Wondering what the couple on the roof in the “then” section of this photo is celebrating? They’re getting a bird’s eye view of a new ship launching in the harbour!

A passenger Whaleback Steamer, arriving at Collingwood, Ontario, Canada (1904)

Photo by Toronto Public Library Special Collections

Collingwood was, and still is, directly affected in many ways by the marine history of the community. From the very early years of the 1850s when the harbour was used primarily for boat building, through its era as a vital east-west link across the continent, to its importance as a shipbuilding town, Collingwood maintained strong marine roots. For an idea of what an occasion a ship launching was, check out this video of an amazing Collingwood ship launch.

Today, the celebratory tone can still be found in Collingwood during their many festivals and events throughout the year, including the Elvis Festival held each summer. This year, from July 26-29th the town will be bustling with the sounds of Elvis Presley. And you can spot the King himself, with Elvis impersonation contests running throughout the festival.

Collingwood Elvis Festival

Photo by zebriana

What is your favourite Ontario festival?

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  1. Debbie says:

    Excellent video but those are not Collingwood launches

  2. Thanks for noticing the miscategorization of this video Debbie! We’ve updated the post.

  3. S. Cooper says:

    the Roy Jodre was built in Collingwood shipyards. You can faintly see the grain terminals in the left background. Apparently she sank some years later.

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