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Scott Bently

Guest Blogger: Scott Bentley is a die-hard two-wheel enthusiast, and has raced his mountain bike as far afield as Africa. He is the current Ontario Single Speed Marathon Champion and a volunteer with the Ontario Cycling Association (OCA) and Durham Mountain Biking Association (DMBA). Scott is also co-owner of Joyride 150 Indoor Bike Park and a small media company in Markham. He has twice been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year.

Spring has sprung here in South-Central Ontario.  After an easy winter in this region, trail-users have been out in force and unfortunately, in some cases, too early for the forest trails.  The early traffic caused a lot of damage on the wet and frost-laden trail tread.  So what is a mountain-biker to do when they can’t ride trail, but want to get sweaty, grab a dose of fresh air and hang out with friends?  Spring trail maintenance, of course!

So when the DMBA put out the call, I threw on some old work clothes and headed out to Durham Regional Forest.  These guys organize quite a few events and it’s a great excuse to get outside.  Once at the trailhead, I clomped over to the tool trailer in my workboots and was immediately greeted by some old friends, some of which I hadn’t seen since last autumn!  The IMBA trailer was full of Pulaskis, McLeods, rakes and shovels, and the turnout of volunteers was terrific.  So after a few quick words from the master-trail-whisperer to review our goals for the morning, tools were distributed and off we went.

The feeling of being back in the forest was both sensory overload and complete serenity at the same time.  The smells, sights and sounds overwhelm with a tremendous sense of calm.  This is where I’m meant to be.

In a matter of a few hours, the damaged section of trail was repaired.  With a bit of sweat and a lot of laughs, a great sense of accomplishment was shared between good friends.

Another great day out-of-doors!

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