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Sew Delicious – 5 Tasty Finds at Hamilton’s Food Truck Rally

Think food trucks just serve hot dogs and hamburgers? At Sew Hungry, Hamilton’s Food Truck Rally they serve up all that and more! From poutine to pulled pork parfaits, to banana and Nutella grilled sandwiches, there was an explosive combination of taste experiences on Hamilton’s Ottawa Street. Here’s a few reasons you should add Sew Hungry to your travel to-do list.

1. The famous Pulled Pork Parfait

Ottawa Street was buzzing about Hank Daddy’s Barbeque pulled pork parfait – 9 layers of pulled pork and mashed potatoes with BBQ sauce, all served in a parfait glass. The line-up said it all! Everyone wanted to try this culinary creation.

Hank Daddy's Barbeque - Hamilton, Ontario

Sew Hungry - Hamilton, Ontario

2. Lunch and Dessert at Gorilla Cheese

Well-known in Hamilton as Canada’s first grilled cheese truck, Gorilla Cheese serves up a sandwich like no other! From the Hammer (Cheddar, Black-forest Ham, sliced Granny Smith Apples, Honey Mustard) to the Cheeky Monkey (a delicious dessert concoction of Nutella, banana and peanut butter) this is a lunch must.

Gorilla Cheese - Hamilton, Ontario

3. Treasure Hunting on Ottawa Street

With so much delicious food to try, the secret to Sew Hungry is pacing yourself. What better way to work off your first (or second or third!) meal of the day than to check out the great shopping on Ottawa Street. From antique shops to home furnishing stores, this street has little treasures tucked in each store. A must see is Hats Where it’s At. Check out their amazing collection of hats and brush up on your hat terminology.

Hats Where It's At - Hamilton, Ontario

4. Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes!

If you love cupcakes, Sew Hungry has got you covered. This year’s truck rally featured delicious offerings from Cupcake Diner (Canada’s first mobile cupcake shop) and Sweetness Bakery. From Red Velvet to Caramel Chocolate – your biggest challenge will be choosing just one to try.

Sweetness Bakery - Hamilton, Ontario

The Cupcake Diner - Hamilton, Ontario

5. A true Ontario landmark – Store #1

Did you know that Canada’s very first Tim Horton’s is located in Hamilton? Take a wander over to Store # 1 and snap a photo with this cool landmark!

Canada's First Tim Hortons - Hamilton, Ontario

To see when Sew Hungry will be popping up next keep an eye on their Facebook page. Did you go to Sew Hungry this year? Tell us about your day!

2 replies on “Sew Delicious – 5 Tasty Finds at Hamilton’s Food Truck Rally”

I’m loving the rise of the food truck in southern Ontario. Much of the buzz is thanks to the Food Truck Eats festivals and meet-ups in various locations in the Greater Toronto Area. It’s nice to see Hamilton also getting involved. Where there is a Gorilla Cheese food truck, I’m there!

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