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Vacation Inspiration – Kingston, Ontario

It’s no coincidence that Kingston is part of the region known as the Great Waterway. Along the waterfront of this historic town, the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario and the Rideau Canal intersect in what was, and still is, a major transportation hub. Kingston is a vibrant waterfront community where past and present mingle, and this summer is the perfect time to visit (or revisit) this Ontario treasure. Here’s a few picks for your Kingston travel to-do list:

Sail, kayak or cruise the 1000 Islands
Start your day with a water adventure! These lush islands on the St. Lawrence are the perfect escape from the bustle of every day life. Waters that were once patrolled by pirates and Prohibition bootleggers are now cruised by cottagers and vacationers. What can you expect to see? Lighthouses, historic castles, world-class fishing and diving and on-the-water dining, just for starters. For a couple of unique ways to see the islands click here.

✓ Conquer the old fort
From its time as the First Capital of Canada, a major fortifications site, and one-time home of Canada’s First Prime Minister, Sir John A. Macdonald, Kingston is bursting at the seams with Canadian history! Make the most of your afternoon with a tour of Fort Henry – including their brand new Discovery Centre. Make sure you leave time for a visit with Fort Henry Guard’s goat mascot, David X.

✓ Stroll through the Limestone City
Spend a relaxing evening wandering through downtown Kingston, and it isn’t hard to see why it’s known as “Limestone City”. You’ll see buildings of all shapes and sizes made of solid limestone, many of them built in the 1840s. The shops, hotels, and restaurants downtown are the perfect place to find something to take home with you or wind down by sampling the great dining. Plus make sure you try White Mountain Ice Cream – a local favourite!

You’ve heard our picks for the perfect day in Kingston – what’s on your checklist?

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