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Algonquin: More than Fall Colors

Michael Zhang
Guest blogger Michael Zhang is a professional writer and translator (in Chinese) based in Toronto, Ontario. Michael writes and translates regularly for media both in China and Canada on traveling, lifestyle and culture. His translated works are included on The New York Times Best Seller list and as columns in National Geographic Traveler magazine. He loves traveling, photography and outdoor activities.

To me, Algonquin Provincial Park used to be all about the beautiful fall colors. I have been to Algonquin Park many times, in most of which I would drive down Highway 60 and admire the endless maple forest, which was so colorful that it seemed like burning. However, a 2-night stay at the Algonquin Log Cabin by Voyageur Quest totally changed my perspective about this huge outdoor destination in Ontario.


No electricity, no cell phone signal, no modern complicity, only primitive nature and lots of rustic fun—this place in Algonquin Park is a perfect haven for people who are seeking outdoor fun without being disturbed by anything.

I went swimming, fishing, wild blueberry picking, hiking, sunbathing on the dock
and picnicking on a small island while enjoying a beautiful sunset. There’s even a
floating sauna in the middle of the water. And canoeing to the picnic area was lots of fun. Keeping the canoe going straight forward using my immature J-stroke skills was not easy. But I didn’t mind doing a little zig zag at all, because the scenery of the wilderness was stunning. The owner John, the guide Matt and the cook Joe were all so nice and fun and so were my fellow vacationers from Austria, Australia and Ireland.


Getting off the canoe and setting up a picnic table using a canoe turned upside down,
I felt that I just rediscovered Algonquin. It’s no longer just about the maple trees in
the fall. It’s about an outdoor living that awaits people to enjoy. It’s about exploring
the unexpected.

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