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Shooting the Spectacular Shoreline Scenery of Ontario

Guest Blog by Ethan Meleg. 

One of the best things about being an outdoor photographer in Ontario is that there is water just about everywhere. Point your camera in any direction and chances are there is a pond, creek, river, marsh, bay, small lake, big lake or a Great Lake nearby!  It’s a core part of our human biology to be drawn to water, so is it any wonder that we go to the shoreline to play, relax or simply be inspired?

The magic of shorelines has a firm grasp on my brain, to the extent that I spend more time photographing shorelines than any other subject. Seriously, how could I possibly resist with so many great opportunities nearby?!
I’ve travelled all over Ontario with my camera in search of inspiring scenery and there are three locations that make my all-time favourite list because of their utterly awesome, world-class scenery.
Lake Superior Provincial Parkclaims the top spot, hands down. This park has spectacular shoreline scenery (ancient granite + Lake Superior = wow) and fairly easy access. That’s a winning combination for landscape photography, which is best in the rich light at sunrise and sunset.Bruce Peninsula National Park, in my own backyard, claims number two. The rugged cliffs, boulders, caves and overhangs along this stretch of Niagara Escarpment are stunning on their own, but when you add the topaz waters of Georgian Bay to the mix, it’s over the top for scenic photography.
Killarney Provincial Park ranks as a close third and has great vistas on both Georgian Bay and the granite-rimmed interior lakes. The classic scene that comes to mind in Killarney is of white pine trees on stark granite over a crystalline lake. That’s a quintessential Canadian landscape to me!
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Ethan MelegGuest Blogger Ethan Meleg is a freelance photographer based in Owen Sound. He specializes in photos of outdoor recreation, landscapes, ecosystems, birds and wildlife. He is represented by major stock agencies and has been published extensively worldwide. Ethan is a popular keynote speaker, workshop leader and magazine columnist. He writes the humour column in every issue of Outdoor Photography Canada magazine.

4 replies on “Shooting the Spectacular Shoreline Scenery of Ontario”

Hi Ethan,
I like your pics…of Ontario – very good! I am also trying to become a Photographer,
I do much the same….outdoor shots of landscapes, birds, insects, flowers.
I am with a Camera Club – (ODCC) Orillia & District Camera Club, which meets
once a month. I know Owen Sound also has a Camera Club too.
I was wondering if some time – you might get a hold of us and maybe come
and talk about your work and share ideas and tips. We often have guest speakers
come and share with the club, as we all love Photography and are always learning
new things. Keep up the good work! – Al Fritz

Spectacular photos. I have seen the beauty of eastern Canada. However there are a couple of sites that I would consider “a quintessential Canadian landscape to me!” that are in the western half of the country. The Rockies, The west coast of Vancouver Island, Grasslands etc.
I think of the Group of Seven landscapes as purely Canadian and many of them made it out to the west. Lake O’Hara was one favorite spot that they loved to hike and paint. Bye the way I do love your work.

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