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The Best Pie Shops in Ontario – As chosen by you!

Best Pie Shops in Ontario - As Chosen by you!

Whether it’s the fresh fruit pies of summer, or fabulous fall apple pies, one thing is for sure: you can find this delicious dessert in Ontario no matter what the season! We asked you where the best pie shops are in Ontario and here’s what you told us:

The Pie Plate – Virgil, Ontario

Submitted by Jill B, Cathy C, Linda E, and Cathy K.

The perfect place to pick up a sweet treat on route to Niagara-on-the-Lake!  As Jill B. told us: “I have a job that involves me travelling a good part of Ontario, as well as being a cottage owner, so I’ve tried quite a few places. I from come a family of dessert freaks and avid bakers, my mom used to cater. Hands down the Pie Plate in Virgil is the best pie I’ve had and the closest to my mother’s homemade pie.”

Photo by brixton

Wanda’s Pie in The Sky – Toronto, Ontario
Submitted by Adrian F

This pie shop in the heart of Toronto’s Kensington Market also has a Niagara connection. The pie shop’s namesake Wanda Beaver grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario, in the heart of Niagara’s Fruitland. She baked her first pie using the cherries she picked in her backyard! Make sure to try the delicious Strawberry-Rhubarb, or if you are looking for something more decadent give the Black-Bottom Chocolate Pecan pie a taste.

Wanda's Mincemeat-less Pie
Photo by sifu_renka

Bread and Butter Bakery – Kingston, Ontario
Submitted by Angela H.

Fresh and local – two of the things that make this bakery’s pies so delicious. Everything in the store is made fresh each day, using all natural ingredients and local produce whenever possible. As Angela posted: “I hated apple pies until I had one of theirs. I’ve never had such a great pie! Their crusts are amazing. Sweet pie dough for the fruit pies, and cream cheese pastry for their fantastic savory pies and quiches!”

The Big Apple Colbourne, Ontario
Submitted by Thomas B, Jean J and Colleen M.

Where else to get Ontario’s best pie than at the The World’s Biggest Apple, located north of the town of Colborne. Just off the highway this is is an ideal snack break, offering delicious apple pies baked right on the premises. Make sure to leave time for photo ops!

The Big Apple
Photo by sr667

Springridge Farm – Burlington, Ontario
Submitted by Linda C. and Nadia V.

The bakery at Springridge Farms has a proven record of delicious pies. Fifty years ago they made their first pies using cherries from the farm. Today they are known for their Strawberry-Rhubarb, Summerberry, and Apple pies.

Photo by flowersontheroof

Anna Mae’s Restaurant and Bakery – Millbank, Ontario
Submitted by Joanne W, Jennifer M, Honor H, Sandy R, Erika S and Susan M.

Anna Mae’s, in the small town of Millbank specializes in homemade Mennonite cooking. All of their pies are homemade, and made fresh daily. As Honor H. told us Anna Mae’s has the “…best selection of homemade pies I’ve ever seen!” Pair a stop for pie with your trip to nearby St. Jacobs!

Anna Mae's Restaurant



Photo by Anna Mae’s Restaurant & Bakery.

This is just a sample of the great list of pie shops you shared with us! To see a complete list click here. Add your own favourite Ontario pie shop in the comments section!

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