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A 360° Sunset from the Thompson Hotel Rooftop

Toronto Sunset from Thompson HotelThere’s so many gorgeous places to watch the sunset in Toronto, it’s hard to choose a favourite, but the sunsets seen from the Thompson Hotel Rooftop are hard to beat.

Here’s the sunset of Sept 25th, 2013 captured from all angles.

To the South

Look southwest from the Thompson Hotel, and you’ll have a spectacular view  of Lake Ontario. The buzz of the Gardiner Expressway, one of Toronto’s major highways, as well as the new condos that overlook the water, make this a truly urban skyline.

Thompson Hotel Roof TopTo the West

Watch as the sun sinks behind the buildings of Toronto’s trendy West Queen West, and keep your eye on the north west to see if you can spot the 400 acre High Park just a few kilometers away from the downtown core.

Thompson HotelTo the North

Look to the north east and see if you can spot some of the buildings which line Toronto’s upscale shopping district, Yorkville. You may be able to make out another of Toronto’s great rooftops, Panorama at the top of the Manulife Centre.

Thompson TorontoTo the East

Easily the most iconic view from the Thompson Rooftop, this is one view of the CN Tower you don’t often find. The combination of the illuminated infinity pool, with the reflection of the sunset on the buildings of the Financial District makes for one of the most memorable sunsets you can get.

CN tower - Thompson Hotel

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