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Are you brave enough for Fort Fright?

Each year one Canada’s most famous forts transforms from a stately historic site to Ontario’s Halloween headquarters for scares and screams. Bring a friend and get ready for a new surprise around every corner at Fort Henry’s Fort Fright.

Just who is haunting the fort? Buried beneath Fort Henry are hundreds of restless souls and undead corpses. Every day they grow stronger, their hunger pushing them closer and closer to taking over the Fort. You’ll arrive at just as Fort Fright has been invaded by zombies!

Think you are up for it? This is Fort Fright:

Fort Fright

While Fort Fright is all about the thrills, sometimes they are of the non-scary variety. Watch for special events during the Halloween season. This year as a special surprise they offered a hot air balloon ride with the price of admission in the week leading up to Halloween.

Hot Air Balloon

For dates and ticket prices click here. What is your favourite Halloween tradition?

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