#DiscoverON with the Kings of Summer

Guest blog by Jeff Aylen & Mikey Sadowski


We are the Kings of Summer – a two-man, traveling duo. Born from our passion for travel, exploration and outdoor activities, we aim to journey to parts known and unknown throughout the vast and beautiful province of Ontario. Whether in Belleville, Kincardine or anywhere in between, our goals are always to meet new people, learn from the cultural diversity of the province and uncover the beauty that is Ontario. All on a minimal budget.

The inspiration for this adventure as the Kings of Summer started in summer 2013.  Like most other twenty-somethings straight out of university, we had a tight budget, but did not want money to limit our ability to experience life. So what did we do? We got in our car, on our bikes or whatever set of wheels we could get our hands on, took out our Ontario map and began circling our destination wish list. We were filled with excitement as we realized that we had very limited knowledge of our province apart from the well-known cottage towns like Muskoka or Blue Mountain. After realizing just how enormous Ontario is, it seemed as if we were in over our own heads. This feeling quickly dissipated however as we realized that this translates into greater opportunities for adventure. We decided to reduce our dependence on the map and traveled to towns discovered by word of mouth through conversations with locals we met along the way. We soon discovered that travel to us was more about meeting people and hearing their stories, with picturesque landscapes being an added bonus. Soon enough we had friends and family asking us all about our adventures and wanting to join our traveling duo after seeing our pictures through social media and realizing that they were also unacquainted with the historical and natural “hidden gems” within Ontario.


Who knew our province had so many waterfalls, sunken ships, scenic caves or even a grotto that could be easily mistaken as a scene from Greece or the Caribbean! We sure didn’t.

With what started out as a couple guys looking to ditch the city lights for the greener pastures, we are excited to have partnered with Ontario Travel this summer to continue exploring and uncovering more of this great province’s hidden gems. We hope to inspire others to get outside and realize that they don’t need to travel to exotic destinations when a plethora and diversity of travel opportunities exist in their own backyard.

Know of any hidden gems? Send us a message and follow us from July to August as we journey across the province and feature a new destination every week!


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