Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts – As Chosen by You!

When it comes to a tasty dessert, Ontario and butter tarts go hand in hand. We asked you to tell us where you’ve found the best butter tart in the province and the response was outstanding! One thing is for sure – whether you are in a small town or a big city a delicious Ontario butter tart isn’t far away!

Butter Tarts ‘n More – Little Britain, Ontario
Submitted by Bruce B, Rhonda H, Chris S, Jolene B,  @jasonsmeall

While we had a huge variety of suggestions for the best butter tart, Butter Tarts n’ More kept popping up as a clear favorite. But beware: as Chris S. told us “…the only way to get a dozen butter tarts home is to buy two dozen.”  Jolene B. told us, “My husband has his private pilots liscence, and apparently its a tradition for pilots to buy and eat some when they fly in to the Lindsay Airport!” Sounds like these treats won’t last long!

Curtis Joseph Moose (1)

Flickr photo by jbcurio

Betty’s Pies and Tarts – Port Hope, Ontario
Submitted by Karen L. and Pamela S.

It only makes sense that this historic community, winner of TVO’s competition for the “Best Preserved Main Street in Ontario”, is also home to one of Ontario’s best butter tarts! Betty’s Pies & Tarts, on Hwy 2 between Cobourg and Port Hope, is a serious contender. Under $2, they offer a delicious filling and a tasty crust. For Karen they are a hands down winner!

Project 366 - 1 | 2011.11.8

Dee’s General Store – Valens, Ontario
Submitted by Monika G. and Shaz H.

Dee’s butter tarts are award winners! The champion of the Kitchener Waterloo Record’s “best bought butter tart contest”, one of the secret’s to Dee’s butter tarts is their size! Made in muffin tins they weigh an average of 85 grams. Try new flavours at Dee’s, like Cafe Mocha and Butterscotch Chip.

Over 824,650 served

Flickr photo by bonnechance

DooDoo’s Bakery – Bailieboro, Ontario
Submitted by Rick D and @kelly_jessup

A soft crumbly crust, and a nice solid centre make these tarts stand-outs. Perfect to munch on as you make your way up to the cottage!

Butter Tart
The Little Tub Bakery
-Tobermory, Ontario

Submitted by Melissa P.

Little Tub Bakery was founded by Wayne and Lorrie Hadcock in 1999 and is known for its traditional baking using old family recipes. Melissa told us “…the pastry is flaky and the filling is perfect! We buy extra to bring home and store in the freezer.”

LittleTubBakery-Black Bear wanted cookies

Flickr photo by explore the bruce

Don’s Bakery – Bala, Ontario
Submitted by Anne P.

Named after Don Lloyd who opened the bakery in 1948, Don’s bakery serves up breads, muffins, cookies and of course butter tarts! Located right beside Bala Falls, this bakery serves up tasty treats and great Ontario scenery.

Butter Tarts

Flickr photo by kancil

Harbord Bakery & Dark Horse Espresso Bar – Toronto, Ontario
Suggested by Bronwyn G. and Asuka N.

While Ontario small towns are known for their local butter tarts, Toronto’s bakeries also made an impact on our list! Harbord Bakery, part of Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood is a regular on Toronto “Best of” lists. The Dark Horse Espresso Bar’s cozy atmosphere makes it the perfect place to enjoy a butter tart and an organic chai latte.

Harbord Bakery (& Calandria)

dark horse

Flickr photos by pui and jeffcphoto

Here’s a look at the full list of suggestions:

And let’s not forget some of our favourite suggestions – from Cheryl’s M kitchen, to Shelia H & Cynthia G.’s mother’s kitchens!

Get started planning a tasty tour of Ontario with our Best Butter Tart map.

Ontario’s Best Butter Tarts

One thing’s for sure – this post has left us hungry for a butter tart! How about you?

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  1. Sue says:

    Betty’s is my choice for best butter Tart’s, I discovered them while on the Great waterfront Trail Adventure. Filling is not overly sweet, crust is light and airy, YUM.

  2. Justin Niklaus says:

    Offshore Bakery in Southampton Ontario makes 500 butter tarts a day in the months of July August.

  3. Great to see some on-farm markets on the list. Andrew’s Scenic Acres and Fultons both offer fabulous things to eat and are worth checking out.

  4. Margaret Desousa says:

    Doris Bacon from Uxbridge makes the best butter tarts ever they are awesome sweet and runny

  5. Sylvia Bray says:

    Though I am slightly biased, I LOVE Grandma’s Beach Treats butter tarts… just the right amount of filling in homemade, hand-rolled pastry – heavenly!!
    Flavours include: Raisin, Pecan, Walnut, Cranberry, Chocolate, Blueberry and fresh Strawberry in the summer months – Open all year round in beautiful Wasaga Beach, ON

  6. Irene says:

    The butter tarts at the Belwood Country Market, Belwood are melt-in-your mouth delectable treasures, made by a wonderful family – even if you buy twice as many as you think that you’ll need, there’s a good chance that at least some won’t even last until you get home!

  7. Anne says:

    Dar’s Delights in Moffat (Campbellville/Milton area), hands-down. The tops are slightly crunchy, the pastry flaky, and the filling a perfect balance of sweet and deeply caramel. I have been to a lot of the places above, and they don’t come close in quality. Try the pecan tarts and the cider donuts – UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

  8. Nancy Jackson says:

    Great to see Doo Doo’s Bakery on the list. I would just add Doo Doo’s is in Bailiboro, ON and we can’t make a trip to Port Hope or Cobourg from Peterborough without stopping here! Nancy J.

  9. barry ware says:

    the best butter tarts are my wife’s . They are unbelievable, you can’t stop eating them. Everyone
    says she makes the best hands down.

  10. randi says:

    Don’s bakery in Bala’s butter tarts were the biggest disappointment of my life.
    What is in them? Bought a dozen and 3 were eaten. I’m sure the bears will have a feast.
    Marty’s in Bracebridge were really nice but huge!
    All along the best ever were a mere 2 miles from my house at Dee’s Harvest Table in Newcastle

  11. Joshua says:

    Butter Tarts&More is for sure the best tarts in Ontario, and if your looking for really good home made food you should check out their restaurant in Oakwood, great food, and great prices

  12. Crystal says:

    Doodoos bakery in bailieboro has the best tarts!

  13. Natalie says:

    GP Deli & Bakery, 191 Military S, Lancaster, Ontario – Exit 814 off 401. Head a little north and it’s on your right.

  14. Jeffrey Wood says:

    Come to the Flavour festival in Peterborough on April 28th, where 10 regional bakeries will vie for the title of best butter tart in Kawarthas Northumberland. A celebrity panel of judges will determine the winner. Check out all the ooey gooey details at http://www.facebook.com/ButterTartTour

  15. Sharon Burgess says:

    I think Westside Fish and Chips in Huntsville, has the best buttertarts. They have won awards for the drippy, gooey piece of heaven.

  16. Pat MacDonald says:

    You can get great butter tarts at Affairs Bakery in Creemore.

  17. M. Clements says:

    My friend Lynn’s Mom Eileen, makes the best butter tarts ever. She has been making them for family and friends for over 50 years. The pastry is perfect and they are gooey and you have to eat them over a plate. I have never tasted any better.

  18. Paul S. says:

    good job but did Dees not just move into Cambridge earlier this year from Valens?

  19. Brad Sharp says:

    I think the best butter tarts are made at Zehr’s Minnonite market on Hwy.21 just south of Bayfield. The filling is perfect and the crust is so good! Everyone should stop there and try some!

  20. Monica Pease says:

    Thatcher Farms, near Guelph, on Eramosa Line 5. Great butter tarts!

  21. Diane Keller says:

    The best I have had were from Zehres Market on # 21 just 20 min. north of Grand Bend.It,s a menonite bakery and butcher shop. They have exelent sticky buns as well

  22. Mark McLeod says:

    Totally disappointed in Dee’s Bakery butter tarts. I bought a six pack as well as a pie. The pie was mouldy and the butter tarts were half cooked, with only two or three little chocolate chips each in them. When I took them back I was accused of lying by Dee herself. Definitely suggest staying AWAY from Dee’s.

  23. L Fisher says:

    What about Ingoldsby’s? We purchased them at a small variety store in Haliburton and they were deep caramel with a feather light crust, a slightly crisp top and deliciously gooey insides. (Or maybe they aren’t making them anymore?) Ingoldsby, ON in the Haliburton Highlands

  24. Jan says:

    Glenburnie Butter Tarts are made by Mrs. Garrett’s in Inverary….yum!!

  25. Jan says:

    Has anyone ever tasted the tarts at Roy Lane in Sioux Lookout!!! Oh ya….worth the trip!!! Thanks Nancy Roy!!!!!

  26. Joe says:

    There is a place in Argyle, Ontario that has the best tarts. I don’t remember the name but Argyle is a small place.

  27. HELLO-O-O- Wilkie’s Bakery on Mississauga St in Orillia, since 1906. Way up at the top of the list.

  28. Jeffrey Wood says:

    Argyle Farm Market and Argyle General Store both on Glenarm Road in Woodvile are probably what you are thinking about.

  29. Linda says:

    The Bakery did move into Cambridge but the yummy tarts are still sold at the same Valen’s location, 97 General Store

  30. Best Little Pork Shop at Shakespeare Ontario, Hwy 7, have the best butter tarts. Also their current scones are outstanding.

  31. Megan B says:

    As a frequent visitor to many bakeries in Toronto, Zehr’s Deli and Bakery in Bancroft, Ontario had the best, flaky, gooey butter tarts that I have ever eaten. Also, the best cupcakes were at Divalicious Cakes in Paris, Ontario. Both places are an absolute must-try!

  32. Kim says:

    How did I miss being able to submit Susan Preston’s delicious butter tarts from The Village Bakery in Dundas, Ontario? Definitely THE BEST! She’s shipped them down to Georgia and even over to Europe for admiring customers!

  33. Jacqueline Irish says:

    The best butter tarts are from the 13th Street Winery,St.Catharines,Ontario

  34. Midland Ontario has the Best Buttertart in Ontario Festival and Contest in June. The applications are coming out soon!

    Last year the festival was so popular, they had to cut off the entries at I think around 80? …and vendors on the streets could not keep up with the tart demand!!

    Midland has definitely taken the title of best tart festival and is worth checking out. But go early, cuz the tarts go fast!

    Visit the Downtown Midland Website for more details.

  35. mae says:

    I’m gonna have to say that Planet Bean in Guelph has amazing butter tarts made locally by Get Baked! I’m not an employee. I’m just a huge fan of the tart.

  36. In my opinion “The Best Little Pork Shop” in Shakespeare ON has the best Butter Tarts

  37. Boomergirl says:

    On our latest road trip, G. loved the butter tarts at More than Tarts in Campbellford. Tries them everywhere in our travels. I am determined to try Wilkie’s in Orillia as suggested by Charles Pachter in comment above. Any bakery that’s been going since 1906 has to be doing something right.

  38. Holly and Dave says:

    Kate’s Bakery in Streetsville has great butter tarts. Flakey pastry and good filling.

  39. Lyndell says:

    Sweet oven in Barrie South. All they sell is Buttertarts. Get there before noon or they’ll have sold out of your favourite variety!

  40. Tiffany says:

    The Sweet Oven in Barrie is where you can find the very best butter tarts!!!

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