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Quiz! Test your Ontario Knowledge with our “Where Am I” Clues

Incredible places can be hidden in plain sight. The more you see Ontario, the less you know it. We’ve collected nine incredible places to test your Ontario knowledge. Try and guess where each is to see how well you know Ontario, then check the answers below to see how you did!


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Made your guesses? Check out the answers to the riddles below:

  1. ANSWER: BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir
    Hundreds of artisans in India carved 24,000 pieces of limestone & marble. These pieces were then shipped to Toronto and assembled without the use of nails or steel, like a massive jigsaw puzzle.
  2. ANSWER: Lake Superior Beach
    Lake Superior was first formed by a volcanic eruption. Once the lava hardened, glaciers scoured deeply into the rock and water filled the great basin – forming what we know as Lake Superior.
  3. ANSWER: Agawa River
    The Agawa River resides in Agawa Canyon surrounded by four waterfalls – which endlessly feed the river, keeping it one of Ontario’s most beautiful natural bodies of water.
  4. ANSWER: Parliament Buildings
    Parliament hill was once just a limestone outcrop covered with beech and hemlock. Today, the Library of Parliament stands atop that hill as a symbol of Canadian parliament.
  5. ANSWER: Dorion Tower
    Standing at 22-metres, the Dorion Tower resides inside Ouimet Canyon. Many climb to its pinnacle to gaze upon the massive and beautiful gorge below them.
  6. ANSWER: Aga Khan Museum
    Before finding it’s permanent home, the artifacts of the Aga Khan Museum were broken up and scattered on a European tour. Once reunited, the artifacts found their home in Toronto.
  7. ANSWER: Sandbanks Provincial Park
    Settlers once came to Sandbanks to graze cattle, cutting down trees in the process. Without tree roots to stabilize the sand dunes, they began to move – engulfing buildings and roads as they did.
  8. ANSWER: St. Paul’s Basilica
    St. Paul’s Basilica is the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Toronto. It was first established in 1822, a full 45 years before Canada was pronounced a country.
  9. ANSWER: Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
    The JCCC acts as a hub for Japanese Canadians to share their legacy with future generations. The JCCC works to introduce and maintain Japanese Culture and its role in Canadian heritage.Check out the Where Am I video to see more incredible Ontario places, or explore more unique spots here.