#DiscoverON Hidden Gems

Discover Kawarthas Northumberland’s Hidden Gems

When you want to discover the Ontario hidden gems that only locals know, nothing beats a guided experience.  Kawarthas Northumberland  is home to The Land Canadian Adventures, who will lead you to hidden swimming holes, ancient petroglyphs, and surprising landscapes.  Here’s a peek at the discoveries you’ll make along the way.

Paddle “The Land Between” 

Join The Land for a day trip paddling the historic Eels Creek. Known as “The Land Between” because of its mix of classic Canadian Shield rocky outcroppings and geography typical of the more southern St. Lawrence Lowlands, a paddle here makes for a different view as you round each riverbend.



Explore Secret Swim Spots

Nothing is a more treasured local secret than the best swimming holes. This beautiful spot tucked away along Eels Creek is home to a natural pool, filled with fresh water from the nearby waterfall, and is the perfect spot to stop for a break on a warm day. On a cooler day, enjoy the soothing sound of rushing water and the smooth rocks, perfect for picnicking on.

Chase waterfalls

If you love waterfalls, the payoff of your Eels Creek paddling trip is a big one! High Falls is challenging to get to by land, but a comfortable paddle upstream for canoeists. The bonus: Because they are difficult to hike to, these falls feel remote and undisturbed. Take a moment to admire the water as it cascades over the rocky outcroppings along the shore of the creek.

Eat local

If you’ve always wanted to learn secrets to survival in the forest, or even just which wild plants make for the perfect salad garnish, The Land’s Wild Foodies excursion is a must. With guidance from edible wilds expert and ecotherapist Courtney Jeffrey, spend the day foraging for your own delicious natural produce, and learn how to incorporate your finds into your cooking at home. Plus, refuel with some delicious locally sourced food along your journey!

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Wrap up your day with a visit to one of the most unique sites in Ontario,  the largest known concentration of Aboriginal rock carvings in Canada. This sacred site is known as “The Teaching Rocks”, and is open to the public during park operating hours. Note that no photography is allowed of the Petroglyphs.

Did you know: Eels Creek was once  the sacred waterway leading to the Petroglyphs, making a stop here the perfect way to round out your trip.

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