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10 Ways to Unplug in Woodstock this Summer

Drop the cellphone this summer and trade it in for real experiences in Woodstock.  Taste local flavours, learn about rich heritage and culture and of course, indulge in a little retail therapy.  Read on for ten ways to unplug in Woodstock.

1. Scotch and Lace: Enjoy the local shops.

Wandering through this beautiful new addition to Woodstock, you would never guess this store only opened a few months ago! Here you can find locally made products such as soaps as well as an assortment of handmade jewelry. Beautiful clothes and purses make this shop worth the stop.  Marnie and Lish will make you feel comfortable and welcome in their store while you find the perfect additions to your closet. Places like this are hard to find but their pink iconic door makes it a little easier.



2. Historical Walk: Take a guided stroll through the town.

Enjoy a peaceful and enlightening stroll through Oxford with the local historical society.  Learn about the city’s rich history from the architecture itself to the tales told inside the building walls.  Wander by the Oxford County Courthouse, the beautiful and historic public library and Woodstock’s oldest school.  To top off the trip, visit the old Woodstock Gaol (jail) and learn about exiting trials and spooky histories.



3. Art Gallery: Stop at the Woodstock Art Gallery to see what amazing art is on display.

Take some time to walk through the Woodstock Art Gallery, from local artists like Florence Carlyle to the extraordinary exclusive collections of Inuit art. Some of which will be displayed in the 2017 Isumannivit- Your Own Thoughts exhibit on now until September 23rd. The gallery’s beautiful and modern atmosphere makes it the perfect spot on your day of relaxation. You can register your kids in one of the great summer programs the gallery offers and take your time as you wander from floor to floor.



4. SixThirtyNine: Sit down for a nice bite.

Whether you are sitting on the beautiful garden patio or surrounded by the elegantly rustic decor inside, SixThirtyNine is a perfect stop to grab a bite.  Eric Boyar, a great chef and local, will set your taste buds off with his delicious cuisine. Request to sit at the chefs table for the ultimate experience, to see magic happen first hand. To add to this unique dining experience the restaurant incorporates locally sourced ingredients, many of which are grown on the family farm. Fun Fact: SixThirtyNine is FeastON certified!



5. Downtown Woodstock Farmers Market: Stop in on a Thursday!

Be sure to venture through Woodstock’s core on Thursday to shop from the local artisans. Enjoy Oxford County specialties like local honey, sustainably grown meat and vegetables from an eco-farm and naturally handcrafted soaps. Some of the artisans have been attending the local farmers market for years, since it began in 2009. Pick up baked goods, meat, wine and more.



6. The Record Works: Sit back and relax to a variety of great artists.

Expand your record collection with new and used vinyl, imports and more! Since 1987, The Record Works has been expanding in every way.  Now thirty years later, they offer an extensive collection of both new and used vinyl. The store supports the musical community in many ways, including hosting local bands on a stage in the store.



7. Chateau La Motte: Stay at a beautiful local B&B.

Rest your head in a beautiful and historic mansion. Originally, this house was built by Thomas Carbide-Wilson as a gift to his mother.  Now 122 years later, it has been restored and transitioned into a historic B & B and designated as a heritage site by Ontario Heritage Trust. This family-run B&B welcomes guests from all over the world.  Each room is uniquely designed and named using a family name of one of the owners.

From the second you enter you will feel right at home, it’s the perfect spot to wind down after a peaceful day in Woodstock.



8. Habitual Chocolate: 3 ingredients to get your chocolate fix.

Stop for melt-in-your-mouth chocolate like none other.  Chocolatier Phillipe Lerner moved to Ontario from Switzerland and opened this unique chocolate shop in the downtown core.  Using only three ingredients, Phillipe creates delicious chocolates by using one kind of bean in each bar, from a specific region.  Each region creates its own unique flavor of bean making chocolate tasting a lot like wine tasting.  This bean to bar experience can be seen firsthand as Phillipe creates the chocolate in the shop.



9. Upper Thames Brewing Company: Kick back and relax with a cold one.

Raise a glass at Oxford County’s first brewery! Enjoy limited edition batches as well as regular featured beers. This community oriented craft brewery gathers crowds in one place for beers and appetizers. On Fridays you will see a food truck pull up, Enjoy delicious poutine and hot dogs on Food Truck Fridays! Carl, Moe, Chad and Josh opened this great brewery in 2016 and now recently have added a new patio! Their chill atmosphere and rustic décor will inspire your relaxation and allow you to de-stress over a game of foosball.



10. Barley’s Dairy Bar: Grab a scoop!

Enjoy soft, hard, and frozen yogurt from a locally run ice cream shop. Opened in 1971, this great spot was one of the first places in Canada to offer frozen yogurt! Only serving real ice cream, Bartley’s sources local ingredients to ensure the quality of their products.


There are so many great places to explore in Oxford County. To learn more about Ontario’s Southwest, click here.