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Island Life Awaits! – 7 Must-Sees in the 1000 Islands

Tucked away on the St. Lawrence River, is an island paradise waiting to be explored. Formed by retreating glaciers, these granite islands have been everything from a hideaway for pirates and bootleggers, to a lush summer retreat for visitors from near and far. Here’s six experiences not to miss while in the 1000 Islands. Cruise the 1000 […]

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Kayaking the 1000 Islands, Garden of the Great Spirit

Paddling in the morning mist in 1000 Islands Homeland and sacred hunting grounds of the six nations, the 1000 Islands continue to majestically rise through the morning mists and her keep stories of war, romance, smuggling and exploration hidden among the labyrinth of islands. The evocative creation legend of the 1000 Islands begins with the […]