Hidden Gems

Now & Then Hidden Gem – Aubrey Falls, Ontario

Aubrey Falls is one of Ontario’s hidden gems for a reason. Located a 1.5 hour drive off the Highway 17 corridor, this spectacular waterfall is tucked away in Ontario’s forested north. The waterfall is about 53 meters high, and is composed of 7-10 different sections, each an impressive waterfall in its own right. A trip […]

Festivals & Events

4 Festive Events to Celebrate the Season

With Winter kicking off it is an exciting time to be in Ontario! November and December feature some of Ontario’s most popular festivals and events. We’ve picked out four of Ontario’s most memorable festive moments to help you plan your holiday season. 1. The Santa Claus Parade – Toronto, Ontario (November 20th, 2011) The Toronto […]

Hidden Gems Natural Wonders

Hidden Gem – The Guild, Scarborough, Ontario

Where can you spend an afternoon wandering through Doric columns and brick archways? This week’s hidden gem is the Guild Sculpture Gardens in Scarborough, Ontario, and offers the chance to time travel to the Toronto of the 19th Century. What is so unique about the Guild Sculpture Garden? Surrounding what began as a public hotel […]