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Set the bar high this year on a tower of ice. After that, well, you’ve got the rest of the year to brag about it. You’ve probably rock climbed at an indoor facility or perhaps you’ve ventured out one summer to climb in nature’s gym. But you haven’t really hit your peak until you’ve scaled […]

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8 Ontario Lighthouses That Will Make You Think You Are Seaside

Ontario’s more than 250,000 lakes contain about one-fifth of the world’s fresh water – including the beautiful Great Lakes. From Lake Ontario to Lake Superior, these shorelines are home to historic lighthouses that have helped guide boaters home. Here’s eight picture perfect Ontario lighthouses to discover. Point Clark, Ontario The Point Clark Lighthouse stands 110-feet […]

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Good Morning Ontario – 11 Beautiful Places to Watch the Sunrise

We can’t get enough of Ontario sunsets, but there’s something about Ontario sunrises that can be even more special. Whether it’s braving the cold on a wintry morning to catch a frosty sunrise, or being the only one around to witness the first rays of sunlight on an Ontario icon, like the CN Tower or Niagara Falls, these eleven […]

Hidden Gems

Meeting an Ontario “Giant”

Guest Blog by travel writer and blogger Jim Byers I felt ashamed. I wasn’t living in Canada the day Terry Fox ended his fateful run, having not yet moved to Toronto from northern California. But I was dating the Canadian woman I would marry on the first of September in 1980, the day Fox had […]

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Join the Ontario Road Trip!

August is winding down, but we’re not ready to say good-bye to summer adventure yet! Join Ontario Travel’s marketing team over the next four weeks as they travel across the province visiting hidden gems and iconic Ontario landmarks from Thunder Bay to Tobermorey to the 1000 Islands. Here’s a peek at all the stops on […]

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Ice is Nice: Snowkiting in Northern Ontario

Guest blog by Darren McChristie. One of the benefits of living in Thunder Bay is that winter arrives earlier than it does in more southerly locations. This does not always equate to early snow, but it most definitely equates to early ice and, as a snowkiter, I’ve come to learn which lakes freeze first to […]